“We’ve cooperated with Triinu since 2006 and we are very satisfied. Together we have organised customer events, children’s winter days and company’s summer outings. These events have had different target groups, but they have always been interesting and of exceptional quality. We are a large enterprise on a national scale (having over 500 employees), and our events are always crowded, which in turn requires ultimate precision in the organizing work. In terms of the latter, I would like to commend SOULTEAM for thinking through and arranging every small detail. Every year, SOULTEAM offers new ideas and locations. In addition to new places, we have organised extremely fun events at our company’s own premises, for instance, by transforming the whole company into a magical wonderland for children or a circus with all its attractions. Long-term cooperation has only strengthened our connection and they already know what to offer us when planning each event.”


AS Ensto Ensek
HR Manager