“Soulteam is a passionate cooperation partner. They are incredibly dedicated and thorough and all of their activities are down to the last detail. The vague ideas we initially described in the procurement were executed tremendously – on a tight schedule no less – and the result was better than we could have hoped for. Their dedication and ability to follow along creates instant trust, and you can be sure that your event will turn into something extraordinary. Thank you, Triinu. You are the most positive and thorough person alive :)”


Estonian Health Insurance Fund
Public Relations and Health Promotion Department Specialist

“Our cooperation with Soulteam was very smooth. Despite cooperating for the very first time, we felt like we had been organising events together for ages throughout the project. I learned very early on that Soulteam are experts in their field. They understood our ideas well and offered good solutions for executing them. They were fast, flexible and always pleasant to communicate with. The global health crisis also challenged our ability to adjust quickly and find solutions in terms of our project. Soulteam excels in this. Both the process and the result were very enjoyable.”


Education and Youth Board
Chief Specialist

“Our cooperation with SOULTEAM was very pleasant. Communication was fast and efficient and we received answers and solutions to all of our questions and problems, respectively. Partners like this make organising large events considerably easier. They made a point of keeping all details in mind at all times so as not to forget anything. Thank you for the perfect cooperation!”


Estonian Youth Work Centre
Chief Expert of the Youth Work Development Department

“We’ve cooperated with Triinu since 2006 and we are very satisfied. Together we have organised customer events, children’s winter days and company’s summer outings. These events have had different target groups, but they have always been interesting and of exceptional quality. We are a large enterprise on a national scale (having over 500 employees), and our events are always crowded, which in turn requires ultimate precision in the organizing work. In terms of the latter, I would like to commend SOULTEAM for thinking through and arranging every small detail. Every year, SOULTEAM offers new ideas and locations. In addition to new places, we have organised extremely fun events at our company’s own premises, for instance, by transforming the whole company into a magical wonderland for children or a circus with all its attractions. Long-term cooperation has only strengthened our connection and they already know what to offer us when planning each event.”


AS Ensto Ensek
HR Manager

“When cooperating with Soulteam you can be certain that the whole team puts their soul into delivering the result.”


Taevas Ogilvy PR
PR CEO/Strategist

“Bringing Soulteam in as a partner in organizing our in-house hackathon has been one of the best outsourcing choices I have made in my career. I can be completely sure that they are fully engaged in thinking how to make the next year’s event even cooler, rich with content and easier for me to organize. They have the skill of going deeper than just the implementation part of an event and can make the event participants feel that whatever it was they just experienced, they definitely want more of that. Cooperation with Soulteam has been extremely smooth and in such a friendly environment things just happen as they are supposed to. If you lack the time, ideas or people to get the job done, Soulteam is the one you can always count on!”


Employer Brand Manager

“As you may guess from the name, Soulteam puts their heart and soul into their work. Together we created a completely new tasting solution for Santa Maria’s Tex Mex category, which has garnered positive attention in both Estonia and other Santa Maria’s countries of operation, serving as an example and a compass. I highly appreciate the team’s immediate and warm communication style, their ability to keep up with developments in the field and of course their professionalism and initiative. No more boring food and tasting events!”


AS Santa Maria
Head of Estonian Marketing

“To me, SOULTEAM is a partner in the most literal sense of the word. Everything starts with you clicking with your cooperation partner – you either do or you don’t. I clicked with SOULTEAM when I first met them in 2008 and the relationship is still going strong. Our years of cooperation with SOULTEAM and the team itself are characterised by ambitious but feasible ideas, mutual honesty, respect, keeping promises and the knowledge that they always go the extra mile for the client and offer positive surprises. It is good to work with people you feel are doing what they love and putting their hearts into it.”


AS Baltika Group
Head of Marketing

“The grand Kanal 2 anniversary celebrations held each year usually bring together more than 1000 guests. For the host, this means taking care of a million tiny details, as in addition to the programme and food and drink, the event has always put great emphasis on surprises, which add a special charm and give the event its identity. For years, Triinu Toomela and her team have helped us to make this magic happen, taking care of everything from brainstorming and technical implementation to submitting post-event reports. No idea is too wild or impossible to execute – SOULTEAM is a creative, hands-on partner who ensures that you don’t miss a single detail. Be it the clothing of the service staff, interior design solutions, security questions or the
demands of a foreign artist performing at your party.”


Kanal 2
Programme Coordinator

“We have used the services of SOULTEAM since 2014 for organising various promotional campaigns for L’Oréal. Our products have always been presented by professional and diligent consultants who have enabled us to establish a very positive relationship with consumers and gain immediate feedback. I think SOULTEAM’s strength lies in it being able to react quickly, its entrepreneurial mindset, positive attitude and nationwide network of presenters. From the very first day of cooperation, they have also managed to see details that need improving, helping us achieve better results with our campaigns. Additionally, we have always highly appreciated their independence in finding quick solutions. SOULTEAM is an excellent and
dedicated cooperation partner!”


L’Oreal Baltic SIA
Senior Baltic Product Manager