Soulteam is a group of people who think and act in the same way
and whose greatest passion is event planning and marketing.

We have been active in the field of event marketing since 2006. To date, we have organised around 2500 events, which have brought joy to more than 100,000 people.

We operate daily across Estonia, but we also have experience organising events in the other two Baltic States and Finland.

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Triinu Toomela

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Karin Saaliste

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Liis Siitan

Business is done between people and its success is built on good relationships

Establishing and maintaining good relationships is not based on merely handing out large pay checks to employees or adding discounts to invoices issued to clients. Above all, it calls for appreciating people on an emotional level. Every person is worth acknowledging, thanking and inspiring – be they employee, client or partner. Events allow your employees and clients to communicate outside the daily work routine, where you can offer them memorable experiences, acknowledge their contributions and express thanks. All of this creates the perfect foundation for a good relationship and constitutes a key factor in ensuring your company’s success in the long term.

We do not just plan events – we create occasions

Contact us and we will dedicate our souls to fulfilling your wishes, taking care of your employees and making your clients feel special.

We are inspired by the opportunity to make your goals and dreams a reality

We are your team! Instruct us like you instruct your company’s employees and we will help you achieve your personal and business goals. Together, we will find solutions to reach out to your people on an emotional level and thank and inspire them. Once this is done, we will make your dreams come true.