anniversary celebration / appreciation of clients and cooperation partners / launch of television channel’s autumn season / client events

As the event was large and prestigious, we began planning it six months in advance in order to have time to bounce around various solutions and ideas in terms of the venue, theme, programme and other special solutions. Every detail must be thought out depending on the main theme of the event. The 2016 Kanal 2 anniversary event took place in Tallinn Creative Hub and was entitled ‘23 aastat peegeldusi’ (23 Years of Reflections). It is still considered one of the grandest and most memorable events in the history of Estonian television and it was reported on by several Estonian media outlets and television channels. The event was attended by more than 1100 guests and involved throwing over 10,000 kg of glitter in the air.


Kanal 2 AS


Kanal 2 anniversary gala


September 2007-2017


1100 guests, company’s clients and cooperation partners

“The grand Kanal 2 anniversary celebrations held each year usually bring together more than 1000 guests. For the host, this means taking care of a million tiny details, as in addition to the programme and food and drink, the event has always put great emphasis on surprises, which add a special charm and give the event its identity. For years, Triinu Toomela and her team have helped us to make this magic happen, taking care of everything from brainstorming and technical implementation to submitting post-event reports. No idea is too wild or impossible to execute – SOULTEAM is a creative, hands-on partner who ensures that you don’t miss a single detail. Be it the clothing of the service staff, interior design solutions, security questions or the demands of a foreign artist performing at your party.”


Kanal 2
Programme Coordinator

Photos: Erlend Štaub